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He fought for us in Iraq and Afghanistan – he'll fight for us in Raleigh.


Jay Carey is a 20-year decorated Iraq and Afghanistan combat veteran that understands the true meaning of leadership, public service, hard work, and people over politics -- He will bring those same North Carolina values with him to Raleigh. 

Every day, we can count on him to defend the North Carolina that his family calls home. That’s why Jay won’t stop fighting for investments in education, good-paying jobs, infrastructure, quality healthcare, veteran's benefits, rural broadband, protecting our personal freedoms, and holding the government accountable. 

Jay and his wife Leslie, along with their four boys, four dogs, and two cats proudly call Hendersonville, North Carolina home. 



Since the launch of this campaign, we have received an unparalleled coalition of Independents joining with Western North Carolina Democrats in support of the "Together We Can" movement.

This is a big district, with a lot of different issues. From the cities to the suburbs, from the farms to the hollers, at the end of the day, we're Americans first, and there is more that unites us than divides us. 

Together, we can restore leadership, honor, and decency to North Carolina's State Senate District 48. Say You're In -- Join us. 



Jay knows how to fight and he knows how to win. To win this race it will take a grassroots army of volunteers that can call, text, and knock on the doors of thousands of North Carolina voters.