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We can't let politics as usual in Raleigh stop us from moving ahead and rebuilding our middle class. 


Jay Carey brings a bold vision for North Carolina's future, and his new brand of leadership will help break the gridlock in Raleigh.


He won’t ever stop holding government accountable, fighting for veterans, improved schools, infrastructure, jobs, rebuilding the middle class and investing in the working class.

Jay offers commonsense solutions to give hardworking North Carolinians a fair shot at the American dream.


Quality, affordable health care is a right, not a luxury. 

Jay will fight against attacks to gut health care in rural communities, fight for Medicaid expansion, and decrease the number of uninsured North Carolinians.


He knows that North Carolinians are struggling to pay their medical bills. No one should have to choose between buying a loaf of bread or filling their prescription. 


Jay believes in transitioning Medicare into an option in the ACA. This option must cover health, mental health, vision, hearing, dental, and prescriptions. Transitioning Medicare into the ACA, removing the age restriction and eliminating Part D will lower the costs for all. 

Jay does not believe the government should be involved with a persons choice over their body autonomy. Therefore, he is Pro-Choice. 

Reversing Roe V. Wade is not only a big step back in women's rights but opens the door to reversing other decisions that have upheld basic human rights. Decisions such as same sex and inter-racial marriage, the right to use contraception and other human rights that every single person is entitled to.


Jay knows we have to improve K-12 education by investing in our public schools, instituting a national minimum wage for teachers, and making sure that the needs of a child can be met at the school that they attend.


In Raleigh, Jay will fight to institute universal pre-k, make higher education universal from common sense student loan forgiveness solutions to job training programs so that all North Carolinians can compete, thrive, and have an opportunity to achieve the American Dream. 


As a 20 year decorated Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia-Herzegovinia veteran Jay believes that every service member deserves access to affordable housing and basic benefits. 

Jay will fight tirelessly for veteran drug treatment courts, female veterans healthcare services, more effective and more available mental health care services, and bolster programs across North Carolina to assist homeless veterans and their families.

He believes that we owe it to our returning veterans to make sure they have opportunities to succeed at home, and he will remember those voices in Raleigh.


One of Jay's top priorities in Raleigh will be to help create sustainable jobs for North Carolinians, allowing for a chance at a career, and retaining the ones we already have.

A livable minimum wage that meets today's cost of living is essential to building and maintaining an effective workforce. $15 an hour 20 years ago was fine, but Jay knows that no less than $20 an hour, tied to the cost of living increases, is what is needed now!

Jay will stand up for commonsense solutions to create good-paying jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, invest in the workforce, and spur innovation in North Carolina.

Jay comes from a family of union workers. He knows that keeping small businesses growing and investing in the working class is the key to a thriving economy. 


Rural Investment

Jay will work tirelessly to ensure that everyones personal freedoms are protected no matter where they live, the color of their skin, their gender identity, how they worship, or whom they love.

He knows a critical component of building an active and healthy workforce is ensuring equal treatment of all employees, including closing the wage gap and fighting against housing discrimination, and all forms of discrimination, for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Civil Rights are human rights. Jay has actively fought for them across the country and will continue to do so in Raleigh.

The success of rural communities is the key to the success of everyone. Jay understands the need for investments in North Carolina's infrastructure. Also, that infrastructure applies to more than just the physical needs of the state. Affordable child care, elder care, and family leave in times of crisis are critical to the well-being and strength of us all. 


Jay will fight for access to funds for North Carolina counties that help build roads, bridges, and schools across the state amongst so many other needs.


He’s a strong advocate for rural broadband. Jay knows rural broadband will help bring good paying jobs back to North Carolina. He will fight tirelessly to deliver investments across North Carolina to ensure that all communities in the district thrive. For too long, our deep- rooted rural communities have been overlooked and made to feel like second class citizens. 


Jay has shown consistent leadership on climate change, conservation issues, and renewable energy in rural communities. He also understands that making significant steps is vital to saving our environment, not just in America but across the globe as well.


He believes in a robust energy portfolio that takes advantage of all of North Carolina’s green, renewable energy resources to create good-paying jobs and generate critical tax revenue for schools and infrastructure projects, while powering homes and businesses across this country.

Jay envisions an energy economy that supports high-paying, innovative jobs throughout Western North Carolina and addresses the threat of climate change.

He will fight to strengthen the renewable energy sector and protect clean air and clean water for future generations.


Marijuana Legalization

Police have an extremely challenging job and they face a myriad of encounters. They must be allowed to do the job that they are trained for, not additional things that put them and civilians at a higher risk. Jay knows that reallocating funding for starting salaries, up-to-date training and equipment plus embedding mental health professionals with first-responders, is key to minimizing risks posed to both the officer and the suspect during these stressful encounters.


Addressing issues within our police force is not anti-police. Inherent biases within police forces must be recognized and corrected. Officers must be held to a higher standard than the average citizen and held accountable for their actions. Abusive policing of underserved communities cannot and will not be tolerated, in any form.

Police forces exist to maintain the law and to serve the public regardless of race, creed, religion, sexual orientation or self-identification.  


Jay knows that legalization of marijuana for recreational use is long overdue in North Carolina and the United States. With the amount of revenue that can be generated from the taxes collected from its sale, issues with funding child and family services along with education can become a thing of the past.

Legalization will reduce the time and money spent on apprehending and prosecuting offenders. Legalization is estimated to save the United States as a whole anywhere from $7 billion to $13 billion annually. 

Marijuana crops are not only an excellent source of income, but also regenerates the soil, putting more into the soil than it takes out. This crop is a win/win for the economy, our local farmers and the environment.


Jay knows how to fight and he knows how to win. To win this race it will take a grassroots army of volunteers that can call, text, and knock on the doors of thousands of North Carolina voters.